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[email protected] (Rob Burnett Images) australiaday2018 Sat, 27 Jan 2018 02:46:18 GMT
The Art of Painting a Bridge Just a small 60 second video of a local client with an amazing team who paint huge lumps of steel in the shape of a bridge. 


The Art of Painting a Bridge

[email protected] (Rob Burnett Images) Mon, 15 Jan 2018 06:15:30 GMT
Bellbay Aluminium 2018 Calendar I was once again privileged to be able to photograph the calendar for the 2018 year. Here are the pics which were taken with a Nikon D850, a 19mm Nikon shift lens and a new 105 1.4 lens. Such fun. They are a beautiful combination !

0677_Fried-Baranker0677_Fried-Baranker Lilly_-8Lilly_-8

[email protected] (Rob Burnett Images) 2018 aluminium bellbay calendar d850 nikon Wed, 06 Dec 2017 09:59:35 GMT
Zero degrees for first morning of Winter It was cold but a stunner of a morning with clear skies and a lovely sunrise.


_DSC3572_DSC3572 _DSC3538_DSC3538 _DSC3603_DSC3603 _DSC3561_DSC3561 _DSC3763_DSC3763 _DSC3767_DSC3767 _DSC3637_DSC3637

[email protected] (Rob Burnett Images) Wed, 31 May 2017 23:39:48 GMT
New Bridge Breadalbane Launceston Just a Time Lapse I did today while we took some other shots. RBV_5554

[email protected] (Rob Burnett Images) Mon, 22 May 2017 11:06:56 GMT
Autumn Abstracts in the Cataract Gorge Launceston _DSC5369_DSC5369 _DSC5381_DSC5381 _DSC5336_DSC5336 _DSC5325_DSC5325 _DSC5342_DSC5342 _DSC5397_DSC5397 _DSC5435_DSC5435 _DSC5455_DSC5455 _DSC5495_DSC5495

[email protected] (Rob Burnett Images) Sun, 21 May 2017 09:27:05 GMT
Hobart Dock The Hobart Dock area is absolutely beautiful these days. A credit to the Council, architects and builders who have contributed to the great tourist and community areas.

_DSC3187_DSC3187 _DSC3275_DSC3275 _DSC3198-2_DSC3198-2 _DSC3246-2_DSC3246-2 _DSC3212-2_DSC3212-2 _DSC3326_DSC3326 _DSC3345-2_DSC3345-2 _DSC3178_DSC3178

[email protected] (Rob Burnett Images) Sat, 06 May 2017 03:36:21 GMT
Carr Villa Launceston Both my parents have passed now and both wanted to be cremated. All this happens at Carr Villa of course and although a sad place in a way the landscape can look very nice in the right light.


CarrVilla800CarrVilla800 CarrVilla812CarrVilla812 CarrVilla807CarrVilla807 CarrVilla810CarrVilla810 CarrVilla823CarrVilla823 CarrVilla822CarrVilla822 CarrVilla830CarrVilla830 CarrVilla827CarrVilla827 CarrVilla834CarrVilla834 CarrVilla835CarrVilla835 CarrVilla840CarrVilla840 CarrVilla814CarrVilla814

[email protected] (Rob Burnett Images) Tue, 02 May 2017 04:04:31 GMT
Launceston Floods As we head to Winter I hope Launceston does not experience floods like 2016. While it provider opportunities for spectacular images the devastation was terrible to property and people.

Monday6th0616-102Monday6th0616-102 Monday6th0616-121Monday6th0616-121 Monday6th0616-123Monday6th0616-123 Monday6th0616-129Monday6th0616-129 Tuesday 7th0616-150Tuesday 7th0616-150 Tuesday 7th0616-151Tuesday 7th0616-151 Tuesday 7th0616-152Tuesday 7th0616-152 Tuesday 7th0616-153Tuesday 7th0616-153 Tuesday 7th0616-154Tuesday 7th0616-154 Tuesday 7th0616-155Tuesday 7th0616-155 Tuesday 7th0616-160Tuesday 7th0616-160 _DSC1265_DSC1265 _DSC1447_DSC1447 _DSC1545_DSC1545 _DSC1557_DSC1557

[email protected] (Rob Burnett Images) Mon, 01 May 2017 02:07:28 GMT
Wonderful Autumn in Tasmania Tasmania enjoys four distinct seasons and one of my favourite times is Autumn. The amazing colours and light make going for a long walk with a camera a must every year.


Autumn0417-100Autumn0417-100 Autumn0417-101Autumn0417-101 Autumn0417-102Autumn0417-102 Autumn0417-103Autumn0417-103 Autumn0417-104Autumn0417-104 Autumn0417-105Autumn0417-105 Autumn0417-106Autumn0417-106 Autumn0417-107Autumn0417-107 Autumn0417-108Autumn0417-108 Autumn0417-109Autumn0417-109 Autumn0417-110Autumn0417-110 Autumn0417-111Autumn0417-111 Autumn0417-112Autumn0417-112 Autumn0417-113Autumn0417-113 Autumn0417-114Autumn0417-114 Autumn0417-115Autumn0417-115 Autumn0417-116Autumn0417-116 Autumn0417-117Autumn0417-117 Autumn0417-118Autumn0417-118 Autumn0417-119Autumn0417-119 Autumn0417-120Autumn0417-120 Autumn0417-121Autumn0417-121 Autumn0417-122Autumn0417-122 Autumn0417-123Autumn0417-123 Autumn0417-124Autumn0417-124 Autumn0417-125Autumn0417-125 Autumn0417-126Autumn0417-126 Autumn0417-127Autumn0417-127 Autumn0417-128Autumn0417-128 Autumn0417-129Autumn0417-129 Autumn0417-130Autumn0417-130 Autumn0417-131Autumn0417-131 Autumn0417-132Autumn0417-132 Autumn0417-133Autumn0417-133 Autumn0417-134Autumn0417-134 Autumn0417-135Autumn0417-135 Autumn0417-136Autumn0417-136 Autumn0417-137Autumn0417-137 Autumn0417-138Autumn0417-138 Autumn0417-139Autumn0417-139 Autumn0417-140Autumn0417-140 Autumn0417-141Autumn0417-141 Autumn0417-142Autumn0417-142 Autumn0417-143Autumn0417-143 Autumn0417-144Autumn0417-144 Autumn0417-145Autumn0417-145 Autumn0417-146Autumn0417-146 Autumn0417-147Autumn0417-147 Autumn0417-148Autumn0417-148

[email protected] (Rob Burnett Images) Autumn Colour Launceston Mon, 01 May 2017 01:59:28 GMT
Sunday Farmers Market Hobart A great way to spend Sunday morning in Hobart. Don't have breakfast before you go though. Everything is there to tempt.


Market0516-500Market0516-500 Market0516-501Market0516-501 Market0516-504Market0516-504 Market0516-505Market0516-505 Market0516-507Market0516-507 Market0516-511Market0516-511 Market0516-513Market0516-513 Market0516-515Market0516-515 Market0516-517Market0516-517 Market0516-520Market0516-520 Market0516-524Market0516-524 Market0516-526Market0516-526 Market0516-528Market0516-528 Market0516-529Market0516-529 Market0516-531Market0516-531 Market0516-533Market0516-533 Market0516-535Market0516-535 Market0516-537Market0516-537 Market0516-540Market0516-540 Market0516-541Market0516-541 Market0516-542Market0516-542 Market0516-546Market0516-546 Market0516-549Market0516-549 Market0516-550Market0516-550 Market0516-552Market0516-552 Market0516-553Market0516-553 Market0516-555Market0516-555 Market0516-557Market0516-557 Market0516-559Market0516-559 Market0516-561Market0516-561 Market0516-562Market0516-562

[email protected] (Rob Burnett Images) Mon, 01 May 2017 01:25:33 GMT
Anzac Launceston 2017 Anzac0417-300Anzac0417-300 Anzac0417-301Anzac0417-301 Anzac0417-302Anzac0417-302 Anzac0417-303Anzac0417-303 Anzac0417-304Anzac0417-304 Anzac0417-305Anzac0417-305 Anzac0417-306Anzac0417-306 Anzac0417-307Anzac0417-307 Anzac0417-308Anzac0417-308 Anzac0417-309Anzac0417-309 Anzac0417-310Anzac0417-310 Anzac0417-311Anzac0417-311 Anzac0417-312Anzac0417-312 Anzac0417-313Anzac0417-313 Anzac0417-314Anzac0417-314 Anzac0417-315Anzac0417-315 Anzac0417-316Anzac0417-316 Anzac0417-317Anzac0417-317 Anzac0417-318Anzac0417-318 Anzac0417-319Anzac0417-319 Anzac0417-320Anzac0417-320 Anzac0417-321Anzac0417-321 Anzac0417-322Anzac0417-322 Anzac0417-323Anzac0417-323 Anzac0417-324Anzac0417-324 Anzac0417-325Anzac0417-325 Anzac0417-326Anzac0417-326 Anzac0417-327Anzac0417-327 Anzac0417-328Anzac0417-328 Anzac0417-329Anzac0417-329 Anzac0417-330Anzac0417-330 Anzac0417-331Anzac0417-331 Anzac0417-332Anzac0417-332 Anzac0417-333Anzac0417-333 Anzac0417-334Anzac0417-334 Anzac0417-335Anzac0417-335 Anzac0417-336Anzac0417-336 Anzac0417-337Anzac0417-337 Anzac0417-338Anzac0417-338 Anzac0417-339Anzac0417-339 Anzac0417-340Anzac0417-340 Anzac0417-341Anzac0417-341 Anzac0417-342Anzac0417-342 Anzac0417-343Anzac0417-343 Anzac0417-344Anzac0417-344 Anzac0417-345Anzac0417-345 Anzac0417-346Anzac0417-346 Anzac0417-347Anzac0417-347 Anzac0417-348Anzac0417-348 Anzac0417-349Anzac0417-349 Anzac0417-350Anzac0417-350 Anzac0417-351Anzac0417-351 Anzac0417-352Anzac0417-352 Anzac0417-353Anzac0417-353 Anzac0417-354Anzac0417-354 Anzac0417-355Anzac0417-355 Anzac0417-356Anzac0417-356 Anzac0417-357Anzac0417-357 Anzac0417-358Anzac0417-358 Anzac0417-359Anzac0417-359 Anzac0417-360Anzac0417-360

[email protected] (Rob Burnett Images) Wed, 26 Apr 2017 22:34:37 GMT
Bellbay Aluminium Calendar 2017 The BBA Calendar is always a hoot when we photograph it. This years theme was staying safe at work. More to the point ... Why the employees need to stay safe at work so they can enjoy the thinks important to them at home.

Ambo1016-300Ambo1016-300 Baby ShopBaby Shop Walking 2Walking 2 Dads at Home1016-105Dads at Home1016-105 Tennis1016-200Tennis1016-200 MotoX1016-400MotoX1016-400 Road Bike300Road Bike300 Horses1116-500Horses1116-500 Radio1116-400Radio1116-400 CyclistCyclist WorkLongTime1116-500WorkLongTime1116-500 StrongManStrongMan



[email protected] (Rob Burnett Images) Mon, 16 Jan 2017 10:56:02 GMT
Arcoona Manor Deloraine I recently shot a beautiful property at Deloraine which has been purchased by Maria Tassone. With a keen eye for the period and detail she has made an absolutely amazing transition to it current stage of renovation into a Bed and Breakfast. For me it was an open brief to shoot the property in a way that would provide a real feel for the splendour and surrounds of the stay at this property. The website was designed by Walker Design.


[email protected] (Rob Burnett Images) Arcoona Bed Breakfast Deloraine Manor and Mon, 09 Jan 2017 23:58:34 GMT
Day at the Races _DSC5795_DSC5795 _DSC5795_DSC5795 _DSC5795_DSC5795 _DSC5795_DSC5795 _DSC5795_DSC5795 _DSC5795_DSC5795 _DSC5795_DSC5795 _DSC5795_DSC5795 _DSC5795_DSC5795 _DSC5795_DSC5795 _DSC5795_DSC5795 _DSC5795_DSC5795 _DSC5795_DSC5795

[email protected] (Rob Burnett Images) Mon, 23 May 2016 03:32:46 GMT
Melbourne A weekend in Melbourne is always good. A bit of footy and some street photography. _DSC0198_DSC0198 _DSC0212_DSC0212 _DSC0224_DSC0224 _DSC0258_DSC0258

[email protected] (Rob Burnett Images) Thu, 20 Aug 2015 11:02:14 GMT
Aerial Art Shot an assignment at Melbourne Airport which included some arial work from a Helicopter. Along with the shots the the client wants it is always good fun to look for some abstracts which take on a different look from the air. _DSC2914_DSC2914 _DSC3019_DSC3019 _DSC3048_DSC3048 _DSC3091_DSC3091 _DSC3068_DSC3068 _DSC3161_DSC3161 _DSC3171_DSC3171 _DSC3179_DSC3179 _DSC9817_DSC9817





[email protected] (Rob Burnett Images) Wed, 29 Jul 2015 23:49:31 GMT
Tree Planting - Bell Bay Aluminium Just completed a quick video for Bell Bay Aluminium showing their community support in the form of a Biodiversity plan and involving local primary and school students.


Tree Planting - Bell Bay Aluminium’s Biodiversity Action Plan from Rob Burnett Images on Vimeo.


[email protected] (Rob Burnett Images) Thu, 20 Nov 2014 21:44:30 GMT
Right place Right time ! DSC_0007 2DSC_0007 2 I was shooting a job on a ship when there was a beautiful after glow in the sky just after a rain shower. And this was one of the shots I grabbed in what was less than a minute.

[email protected] (Rob Burnett Images) Tue, 18 Nov 2014 03:03:22 GMT
Launceston Airport Had a great day shooting the pics for the Launceston Airport again this year. It provides a great onsite into the day to day highs and lows of an airport operation. Security is paramount these days of course. So different to the old day when you stand out on the deck and wait for your family and friends.

LtonAirportZ 2014LtonAirportZ 2014

[email protected] (Rob Burnett Images) Fri, 29 Aug 2014 23:02:00 GMT
Harmonica Blues Had some lessons with Kelvin on the Harmonica. I should have started a long time ago but it is still fun all the same.

Took some portraits of him and his great boots !

_DSC1913_DSC1913 _DSC1937_DSC1937 _DSC1952_DSC1952 _DSC1940_DSC1940

[email protected] (Rob Burnett Images) Thu, 28 Aug 2014 01:14:04 GMT
Interesting Light While I was on an assignment waiting for a train to photograph, I looked behind me and spotted this play of light on the ladder of a fuel storage tank.

DSC_5497 2DSC_5497 2

[email protected] (Rob Burnett Images) Thu, 24 Jul 2014 22:28:42 GMT
A foggy start to the day I had to start an assignment in Hobart this week which is around 200km from where I live. 

This time, I decided to leave with a good hour at least up my sleeve to get some shots on the way if the journey had any offerings.

I am glad that I did !

_DSC0294_DSC0294 _DSC0279 2_DSC0279 2 _DSC0285_DSC0285 _DSC0340_DSC0340 _DSC0352_DSC0352



[email protected] (Rob Burnett Images) Foggy Ice Road Thu, 24 Jul 2014 22:01:38 GMT
Prime Design A client that I always enjoy working for is a design company called Prime Design in Launceston.

One of their recent projects has been the Kinda building at the Launceston Christian School. A long way from what schools were like when I started !

Prime0714-924Prime0714-924 Prime0714-922Prime0714-922 Prime0714-930Prime0714-930 Prime0714-935Prime0714-935 Prime0714-950Prime0714-950 Prime0714-955Prime0714-955

[email protected] (Rob Burnett Images) Christian Design Launceston Prime School Wed, 16 Jul 2014 22:35:53 GMT
"Shuntien" Bell Bay Wharf ShuntienBB0714-109ShuntienBB0714-109 _DSC4850 2_DSC4850 2 RBBB 2RBBB 2 ShuntienBB0714-199ShuntienBB0714-199 ShuntienBB0714-208ShuntienBB0714-208 ShuntienBB0714-178ShuntienBB0714-178 Interesting day today with an assignment from Bell Bay Aluminium. Photographed the "Shuntien" collecting Alumimium Ingots. Wet day but provided some interesting opportunities for shots.


[email protected] (Rob Burnett Images) Aluminium Bay Bell Cube Shuntien TasPorts Wed, 16 Jul 2014 11:45:34 GMT
Bicheno Surf Shed This beautiful Surf Shed was designed by Jack Birrell from Birrelli Architecture. An interesting story of how it come about !

The Surf Shed Bicheno from Rob Burnett Images on Vimeo.

[email protected] (Rob Burnett Images) Architecture Bicheno Birrelli Shed Surf Tue, 15 Jul 2014 01:21:45 GMT
Seventy nine years ! 79 YearS_Snapseed 279 YearS_Snapseed 2 While on a shoot in New Norfolk I met this amazing old guy who had lived in the town for all his seventy nine years. Never had a wish to move really he said.

Saw the good and bad of New Norfolk over the years.


[email protected] (Rob Burnett Images) Tue, 15 Jul 2014 00:43:43 GMT
Another Great Day on the Green ! The Day on the Green concert was really good this year again apart from some rain at the end. Good result all round I think.

DOTG0314-360DOTG0314-360 DOTG0314-318DOTG0314-318

[email protected] (Rob Burnett Images) Thu, 27 Mar 2014 21:17:07 GMT
Great Dane Beauty Was walking to aan assignment the other day when this gorgeous Great Dane put his head through the gate to say Hello ! They remind me of the gentle nature of my Boxer's that I have had in the past.

_DSC5670_DSC5670 _DSC5648_DSC5648



[email protected] (Rob Burnett Images) Dane Dog Great Thu, 27 Mar 2014 21:01:39 GMT
Wines for Joanie Today I had the pleasure of starting an assignment for a new Vineyard called "Wines for Joanie" (

Prue and Rew O'Shanesy have taken over the business at Kayena.

Their story:

We threw caution to the wind, left our farm in sunny Queensland and bought a little vineyard in northern Tassie. Before we knew it 2 containers with our life’s belongings and memories, a ute, a car, 2 dogs, a horse and a prissy cat were on their way across the Bass Straight to our new home, Tasmania.

Rew is a viticulturist and we share a love of the land and our vines. Our challenge is to nurture these vines, produce the best grapes we can and let the fruit do the talking.

Farmers are many things but we must be optimists with a little bit of crazy mixed in as no-one can take on mother nature and win every time.  And so, here we are making Wines for Joanie, we hope you enjoy drinking them as much as we enjoying growing them.


Wines for Joanie Kayena Wines for Joanie Kayena Wines for Joanie Kayena Wines for Joanie Kayena Wines for Joanie Kayena Wines for Joanie Kayena Wines for Joanie Kayena

[email protected] (Rob Burnett Images) Joanie Vineyard Wines Tue, 11 Mar 2014 09:22:12 GMT
Rosevears Drive On the way back from an early morning shoot this morning. It was so still on the Tamar River with some mist clearing. I stopped to grab the shot and thought if I waited  few minutes I would get some cyclists to just finish the shot off. And along they come !!! _DSC8793_DSC8793

[email protected] (Rob Burnett Images) Cycling Tue, 11 Mar 2014 01:33:11 GMT
Aerial Art hmcressy0112-108hmcressy0112-108 One of the things I love about aerial photography is the journey too and from the actual assignment.

You see all kinds of great abstracts that make lovely pieces of aerial art. Art AerialArt Aerial

[email protected] (Rob Burnett Images) Aerial Art Sat, 08 Mar 2014 06:10:26 GMT
242 Charles Street Launceston Shot a very nice Guest House called 242 in Launceston. The new owner has done a great jobs getting the place into shape. You would have to happy if you lucked onto this little place in your travels

[email protected] (Rob Burnett Images) Sat, 08 Mar 2014 06:02:35 GMT
Early morning rowing Rowing0314-613Rowing0314-613 Early start to shoot some Rowing training by Grammar students. It is hard work Ok. 

[email protected] (Rob Burnett Images) Sat, 08 Mar 2014 05:42:33 GMT
55 Chevy CHEV0314-122 2CHEV0314-122 2 Had some fun shooting a 55 Chevy owned by Paul Wilson in Launceston

It is his pride and joy !

It is actually red in colour but worked well as a B+W.






[email protected] (Rob Burnett Images) 1955 Chevolet Sat, 08 Mar 2014 05:17:16 GMT